Why I Anonymously Wrote an Election Integrity Novel in 2008, and Why I’m ‘Anonymous’ No More

If American Won’t Listen to Facts…Then Maybe Fiction?

Brad Friedman has been sounding the call for better election security since…well, forever!  Brad has been focusing on the facts and it’s the facts that are bringing the election integrity community together…enough so that we are able to have an election security conference on September 16.

Sandy Morganstein has always thought we need to do more. Following is an in-depth description of his movie project that Brad recently put on his blog

During the process of building support for turning my novel Cassandra, Chanting into a movie (working title Ballot Holes), several have asked me why I published Cassandra anonymously in 2008. In Cassandra, I imagined foreign powers infiltrating voting machine companies to steal a presidential election: not because they care who won, but because they know this is the clearest shot at undermining American democracy. Read more…

15 States Use Easily Hackable Voting Machines

Our elections are at risk from computerized election theft. We must pass The Illinois Election Integrity Act (GB 712 / SB 834) in time for the November 2018 Election. The bill requires three new election audits that would ensure vote and count integrity.

Good News For Russia: 15 States Use Easily Hackable Voting Machines

By Jessica Schulberg, The Huffington Post

IBIP To Sponsor 2017 Election Integrity Conference

To safeguard the integrity of the 2018 General Election, the Illinois Ballot Integrity Project is working with organizations, groups and individuals to secure the passage of the Illinois Election Integrity Act (HB 712 / 834) in time for the November 6th General Election.

Illinois cannot afford computerized election theft in 2018.

The Illinois Election Integrity Act (HB 712 / SB 834) will require three new election audits throughout the State. These audits will assure the accuracy and integrity of all Illinois Elections.

To educate our elected officials on the vulnerability of the Illinois Election System, a special 2017 Election Integrity Conference will be held on Saturday, September 16th from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

The Conference location is the IBEW # 701 Union Hall in Warrenville, IL.

The conference is free and is open to the public.

All Illinois State Representatives and Senators will be invited to the Conference as well as media representatives.

Speaking at the Conference will be nationally recognized authors, researchers and election integrity activists who will provide an introduction to U.S. and State of Illinois Election System Security Weaknesses.

An introduction to the single solution, Illinois Election Integrity Act, will also be provided.

Donations to cover conference expenses can be made online or by check by visiting the IBIP Election Integrity Conference Web Site.